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The Jolly Jumbuk Country Craft Centre
PO Box 425, Bairnsdale 3875
Tel 0428 568 657

NEW! 30cm Wide Ashford Drum Carder

This new extra-wide Drum Carder is ideal for preparing your fibres ready for all your felting and spinning projects.

Step 1: Admire your beautiful extra-wide Ashford Drum Carder

Step 2: Assemble your chosen fibres and process through your Ashford extra-wide drum carder

Step 3: Carefully remove the finished rolag ready to use in your next project

This new extra-wide drum carder features:
• 30cm (12ins ) width for serious projects
• produces a massive 100gm (3½oz) batt
• comes with a packer brush and cleaning brush as standard equipment
• 2 speeds - 4:1 and 6:1
• includes doffer and clamps
• is already assembled and lacquered for your convenience
• has an adjustable drum clearance
• is available only with 72 PPSI cloth
• weighs 8.4kg (18½lbs)

Now available at Ashford's RRP of $795 here at the Jolly Jumbuk - choose now.