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The Jolly Jumbuk Country Craft Centre
PO Box 425, Bairnsdale 3875
Tel 0428 568 657

Once a Jolly Jumbuk...the story of Jumbuk Wools

The Jolly Jumbuk's distinguished bright orange shop front

Innovative in its origins in 1971, today Jumbuk Wools is still a 100% Australian family-owned business, devoted to producing and retailing their icon product: Jumbuk Jumpers. Decades later our signature range of classic chunky styled jumpers in natural undyed colours is still worn around the world, giving the same warm feelings of comfort and satisfaction as when it was first created.

The same traditional values of quality and service are still given highest priority today by the second generation of the Jumbuk family. However these concepts are applied to a lot more than simply our jumpers: we believe that our entire range - whether it's clothing, footwear, bedding, furnishings, gifts and souvenirs, craft equipment and materials - should be outstanding in quality, value, satisfaction and pleasure.

countryside in the drought of 1971 (the rainbow and clouds are wishful thinking)
drought of '71

a "poddy" lamb being bottle-fed by a 3rd-generation Jolly Jumbuk.  Note the cute Rainbow Hat available in kits :)
orphaned lamb

From an orphan lamb, given to the Anderson family during a severe drought in 1971, to the purchase of some sampling machinery and a mini-factory built in the back yard, Keith and Lea were the first to see that wool growers producing their own finished products had a distinct advantage over those that just sold their fleeces at auction.

In 1973, after renting floor space in the old butter factory for the use of their first major machine purchase, a factory and showroom was built on the outskirts of Bairnsdale. 1974 saw the first extension of this factory to house more machinery and then in 1978 the floor space was nearly doubled with an equivalent increase in production. This was to supply some large export orders as well as the domestic market.

1981/82 was the final extension to this factory which was transformed into a larger and more efficient knitting room after the purchase of more knitting machinery.

In 1988 some more land, with Princes Highway frontage, was purchased abutting the farm already owned by the Anderson's. Two years later, the entire mill was moved to the new factory which allowed a better layout and more efficient flow through of production.

2004 marked another move back to the outskirts of East Bairnsdale.
The move has been a positive one, with the current location bringing the shop within the city boundaries and into a slower traffic speed zone, and creating greater visibility. Jumbuk Wools has evolved further with the choice made to concentrate on the knitwear rather than the yarn spinning. But The Jolly Jumbuk Country Craft Centre is a lot more than just a wool clothing and product shop, featuring a wide variety of distinctive products, while still retaining the original commitment of quality and distinction for the entire selection.

2012 heralds perhaps the biggest change yet, at least for us! We have made the major life-changing decision to close our physical shop (at least temporarily) and operate virtually exclusively online through this website. Technology is evolving faster than ever - we trust that this decision will keep The Jolly Jumbuk and Jumbuk Wools moving in tune with the world around us :)

Jumbuk Wools is familiar with all facets of the wool industry, from growing the fleece through shearing, washing, carding, spinning, knitting and designing the finished products. Until recently it was one of the last remaining manufacturers to do all the processing from washed fleece to finished product, under the one roof. The chosen fleeces are mainly Corriedale which is a soft yet resilient fibre great for outer garments.

The neutral, earthy palette of Cream, Silver Grey, Slate Grey and Chocolate provide a natural colour range to suit most people's requirements. The fleece is only lightly washed, not scoured, carbonised or dyed with harsh chemicals, and this gives Jumbuk Wools products unique properties in that they retain some natural lanolin in the fibre for extra wear, extra warmth and natural water resistance. This makes Jumbuk Wools hand-knitted garments and Jumbuk Wools jumpers ideal for outdoor activities.

one of our two original carding machines, circa 1904

spinning frame for spinning the woollen sliver into Jumbuk Wools knitting yarns

Stoll heavy-guage flat-bed knitting machine used to make the patterned pieces of our Jolly Jumbuk Wools jumpers