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The Jolly Jumbuk Country Craft Centre
PO Box 425, Bairnsdale 3875
Tel 0428 568 657

One of the gorgeous "Fantasy Scarves" available in kit or ready-made, at the Jolly Jumbuk FANTASY SCARF KITS for Non-Knitters!
Inspired by exotic yarn colours and textures "non-crafty" people often have the desire, but not the skills, to create their own individual textile yarn pieces. Now they can stop "wishing" and start "doing" with the help of a new soluble fabric and basic machine-stitching.
See more on the Jolly Jumbuk Fantasy Scarves now...
"Bindi" our loveable Possum Scarf, available in kit or ready-made, at the Jolly Jumbuk This delightful scarf has appealed to many people over the years.
Bindi is a truly Australian-flavoured friendly faux-fur to keep your neck cosy.
Available already knitted and ready to wear, or in a kit ready for the fun of knitting
right from the curly tail tip to the cute little nose.
Don't get lost with our cosy Rainbow Hat available at the Jolly Jumbuk Ever lost someone in a crowd?
If you don't want it to happen again, try one of our Rainbow beanies! Designed a while ago for one of our youngsters, this gorgeous hat remains a favourite with everyone who sees it.
Kits are available in Bright Rainbow or Pastel Rainbow
or ask us about combining your favourite colours in a kit just for you.
Sizes are Small (Baby) Medium (Toddler/Young Child) Large (older Child or Adult)
email us for more info

Cosy Garter Stitch rug available to knit in a large variety of sizes and colour combinations at the Jolly Jumbuk

Knitted Rug Kits available now.
Your choice of 8x8 Square Cot Throw (approx 1.1m x 1.1m), 5x6 Square Pram Rug
(approx 65cm x 78cm), 7x7 Square Mini Throw Rug (approx 91cm x 91cm).
All in a range of Rainbow Brights, Multi-coloured Oranges with matching solid colours*,
Multi-coloured Blue/Greens with solid colours. *Sheepskin Flat Teddy not included.
Or ask us to plan a kit for you in your favourite colours.
All yarn used is spun in Australia and is Machine-washable.
email us for more info